I’d love to write or co-write a custom song or jingle for your next project. These can differ greatly from full studio productions to demo quality home recordings depending on project specifics. No prior music experience is required if you’d like to write your first song. Drop me email at iamnateallen@gmail.com and we’ll get started.

Here is an example of a custom song I wrote for Joe and Ann.

Custom Song Reviews:

“WOW….I dunno what to say…I feel so honored and encouraged” – Natasha

“The kids LOVE it.  They were tripping out at the Uncle Dirty Uncle Clean part!  Thanks so much and feel free to share when the time is right.  All our best to you and Tessa!” – Josh Lippy

“We all totally loved it!” – Leon Goodenough (Yum Yum Children)

“Everyone in the building is singing the song” – Beau

“I dig it! Nice work. Catchy & poignant.” – Dustin (abolitionists)

Here is a live recording of “It Used To Rain” a custom song I wrote based the Abolitionist’s album by the same name.