Rock 4 Reason

From 2002-04 I ran a non-profit called Rock 4 Reason throwing all-ages (mostly hardcore) shows in Southern Oregon. Many of my early ideas about how to connect with a crowd came from throwing those shows for some rad kids (who now have their own kids) and some really great bands. I am person who highly values friendship forged and memories made so when time allows I plan on uploading  bunch of fliers from those shows.

Here is a somewhat incomplete list of the bands I booked:

Iknowkungfu, Combat Junkies, Showbread, Emery, Believing In June, The Dead Unknown, Physical Challenge, The Fall of Troy, Inked In Blood, Fear Before The March of Flames, Highwire Days, Gatsbys American Dream, Clarity Process, The Stivs, Long Since Forgotten, The Cinema, Anatomy of a Ghost, Dead Like Dallas, The Death Campaign, As I Lay Dying, Kat Jones, Insomniac Folklore, Countdown To Life, 800 Octane, Number One Gun, Schoolyard Heroes, A Taste For Murder, Ambitious Career Woman, Clarity Process, Blue Sky Mile, Compact 56, The Deal, Carl With A K!, Bitner, Brutal Fight, Rapid Fire Process, The Courtesy Clerks, EPD, Thirty3, The Decibel Network, The Creeps, Unfold, Shurman Steadfast, Suffering and The Hideous Thieves, The Locust, The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower, The Empty, RBS Syndrome, Burning Room, Super Mutant, The Torpedo Kids, The Misfats, Left Waiting, This Days End, The Iotolas, Everyday Victory, and many more.

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