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Seth Martin

A few years ago,  Seth Martin burst into my awareness. He must have been a few weeks ahead of us on tour because everywhere I went people asked me, “Do you know Seth Martin!” They would say things like “He’s from Portland.” “He plays sing-a-long folk.” “He’s an Christian.” “He’s an activist.” “You must know Seth Martin!” But I didn’t. I had never heard of the man.

So I made a decision.

Seth Martin does not exist.

Seth Martin is a mythological creature.

This served me well for a while and then I met THE Seth Martin.

It turns out his compassionate hippie charm is only the beginning. Seth has a fire inside. He burns to fight injustice and loves people. I’m pretty sure Seth has never met a stranger and has more energy than most people I’ve met. He loves to talk and loves to sing – ESPECIALLY with others! If you’re looking for a communal musical experience I would highly recommend you check out Seth Martin and his band The Menders.

Seth Martin will be contributing his song Goodbye, Goodbye to the kickstarter mixtape.

For more information visit: sethmartinandthemenders.bandcamp.com

Listen to Seth’s latest album Halfway Home below.

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