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GNARBOOTS are not a band.

GNARBOOTS are not human.

GNARBOOTS are not a movement.


Your mom is GNARBOOTS.

Cats wear GNARBOOTS.


Aaron Carnes and Adam Davis are the two main in-soles in the “band” GNARBOOTS. Constant reinvention is the name of this game. Sounds range from Ska to Punk to Electronica with detours everywhere. Every show I have seen them perform is a tasty new experience unlike any other. GNARBOOTS is at times twisty performance art played to boundary pushing childlike perfection. They put out a “traditional punk album” on Asian Man Records; it just means they are up to something and you best not look away.

My first GNARBOOTS experience was a few years ago in December. The concert progressed along like any other punk/hardcore show at a bowling alley venue. GNARBOOTS played their set, and I thought they were done. Then the mayhem began. All I remember is that they were wearing santa hats and rapping. It was glorious.

GNARBOOTS played an integral part in the making of Destroy Nate Allen’s With Our Powers Combined. 

For more information visit: weareallgnarboots.com

Gnarboots will be contributing a song to the Nate Allen Kickstarter Mixtape, included with any pledge amount. Order by 10:59pm CST on Wednesday Nov 5.

Stream Gnarboots latest album Dark Moon below.