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Seth Martin

A few years ago,  Seth Martin burst into my awareness. He must have been a few weeks ahead of us on tour because everywhere I went people asked me, “Do you know Seth Martin!” They would say things like “He’s from Portland.” “He plays sing-a-long folk.” “He’s an Christian.” “He’s an activist.” “You must know Seth Martin!” But I didn’t. I had never heard of the man.

So I made a decision.

Seth Martin does not exist.

Seth Martin is a mythological creature.

This served me well for a while and then I met THE Seth Martin.

It turns out his compassionate hippie charm is only the beginning. Seth has a fire inside. He burns to fight injustice and loves people. I’m pretty sure Seth has never met a stranger and has more energy than most people I’ve met. He loves to talk and loves to sing – ESPECIALLY with others! If you’re looking for a communal musical experience I would highly recommend you check out Seth Martin and his band The Menders.

Seth Martin will be contributing his song Goodbye, Goodbye to the kickstarter mixtape.

For more information visit: sethmartinandthemenders.bandcamp.com

Listen to Seth’s latest album Halfway Home below.

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Greg McKillop

Greg McKillop

Heartfelt. Adventuresome. Focused. Prolific. Depressingly funny. Poetic. Ringleader. Honest. Kind. Uplifting. Generous. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I recall Massachusetts poet and folkie Greg McKillop. 

Greg had just started playing guitar when we met, but from the start his burning passion to create was already evident. Being from Oregon and on my first tour, one of my goals was to see what Portland, Maine was like. I didn’t know anyone in Portland but I got in touch with Greg via myspace and he invited me to drop by an open-mic. When I got to town I met Greg, Jesse Frayne and a few other people right away. It was instant community.

After the open-mic we all headed across town and played another open mic together at Slainte Wine Bar. Slainte offered me a show the next night so we all hung out again. A few days later Greg hooked me up with a show in Worcester, MA. That show helped me make just enough extra gas money to print the first copies of my second album Take It Easy. The way things came together that week still stands out as magical.

Greg has spent his last 8 years touring the country performing in every type of space imaginable. His songs have become the stuff of legend. 20 of them were covered this year on Please Make Sure Someone’s Singin’ Somewhere For You: A Tribute To The Music of Gregory McKillop.  Greg’s band Speaker For The Dead swelled to a circus-like crowd of over 20 members before calling it a day a few months ago. He is now focusing on his solo material and relaxing a bit.

Greg will be contributing “I am on the Radio,” a previously unreleased song to Nate Allen’s kickstarter mixtape. This is an acoustic version of the last song from his upcoming full length due out in February.

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For more information visit gregorymckillop.com.

Bryan McPherson

Bryan McPherson’s songs are full of urgency.  His Boston charm woos while his voice punches neatly woven words into existence. He sings with eyes wide open to the world around him and is a first class singer-songwriter.

I met Bryan McPherson at Campfire Fest, just after he moved to California. The first time I got to play at 924 Gilman in Berkley, Bryan was there rocking the house as well. We’ve connected tours in Ohio and he recently came through KC.  His straight from the heart, punk influenced folk is poised to take on the world.

Bryan is currently on tour opening for The Dropkick Murphys. I recommend you swing out early to one of the shows and get a great spot right up front.

Bryan’s song “Upon An Open Road” is on our kickstarter mixtape.

Learn more at BryanMcPherson.com

Here is the teaser for his new album Wedgewood: