Tag: I Dated A Zombie


With his wireless headset, clever lyrics, quirky style and larger-than-life persona, Googolplexia (St. Louis, MO) is a must experience band. From seafaring musicals to ditties about zombies, Rob will melt the heart of anyone with a bit of fun left in their soul.

A smile coaxer in an almost magical way… if you are a fan of Weird Al, particularly back in the big glasses and fluffy hair days of Hawaiian shirts and polka parties, then there is a very good chance that Googolplexia will make you very happy. Comparisons aside, Rob is an original. In this age of geek popularity, Rob should be king.

Googolplexia is contributing a song to Nate Allen’s Kickstarter Mixtape. Order yours now and help turn Nate Allen into a video game.

For more information visit: http://www.googolplexia.com

Watch the Folk-O-Rama session for “I Dated A Zombie”.