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Octagrape! OctaGRAPE! OCTAGRAPE!

I saw them once and I can’t get them out of my head.. seriously so rad. They are the sonic completion of the best 90’s garage rock band time warped to save the world in 2014.  Glen Galloway has a long history of making great music in Truman’s Waters and Soul Junk.

We’ve done shows with Soul Junk, but nothing could have prepared me for the joyful, distorted mess that was and is Octagrape. The thing is, Glen moves around a lot and he doesn’t wear a guitar strap. The frenetic energy released on stage is palpable. These guys are professionals. Octagrape combines life-lessons-learned from countless nights spent in dirty rock clubs to teach us all a lesson: play rock n’ roll like you mean it and remember to have fun because at any given moment things might spin a out of control and you want to be able to say “I was there when….”

For more information visit Octagrape on facebook.

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Octagrape will be contributing a song to Nate Allen’s Kickstarter Mixtape. 

Watch “Eternal Hair” below:


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