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Von Strantz

Von Strantz

Step right up and jump right in… Von Strantz is about to begin… What you thought was a show might just be therapy! Like letting go at the top of the slide, by the time this ride is over you’ll be glad you took the chance.

Folk n’ Rollers Von Strantz play music built for connecting and building community, but before you dismiss Von Strantz as just another folky duo make sure you look them in the eyes, because in just one look you will know the rock n’ roll fire is strong in these ones.

i really can’t say it better than they do, so according to their bio:

“Utilizing a variety of instruments such as the mandolin, violin, bass, and cello, Von Strantz unites harmonies strung together by commanding and soulful lyrics. With story-sharing as their passion, Von Strantz invites their audience into the emotion of each piece. Von Strantz is storytellers, an ebb and flow of two different musicians, exploring the dark and emerging with hope.”

For more information visit: vonstrantz.com

Von Strantz will be contributing a song to the Nate Allen Kickstarter Mixtape.

Von Strantz will be joining Nate Allen & The Pac-Away Dots for the Take Out The Trash album release show Sept. 16th in Kansas City.

FFO: Over The Rhine, The Vespers, Mumford and Sons

Kevin Schlereth

Kevin Schlereth

Kevin Schlereth is a family man.  In a parallel universe Kevin Schlereth might be screaming in a metal band, or teaching mathematics. Instead, he’s been on a perma-tour for over 3 years now with his family. That’s right, his wife and 2 children (and various other people) often accompany him on tour. When you ask him where he lives, he’ll say “my car.”

You will find Kevin playing songs combining elements of grunge, folk, and indie rock on his acoustic guitar, baring his soul and building community every chance he gets. His laid-back but earnestly caring demeanor makes him very approachable, which is great for engaging him in meaningful conversation at shows.

Kevin Schlereth’s new album, Legend, will be out this winter. Kevin was nice enough to let us premier a brand new song “Meloncholia” (an exclusive mix) from his upcoming album for the Kickstarter Mixtape. If you are a fan of Sufjan Stevens or Josh Dies, you should give Kevin a listen.

For more info visit: kevinschlereth.com

Listen to Meloncholia below: