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The Restitution

The Restitution

The Restitution play ambient, layered, progressive metal perfect for fans of Thrice or Underoath. Crafted in the mind of a mad genius in a perfect world Restitution songs would be performed by an army of guitarists each playing on a different planet. Mike Wright a.k.a. The Restitution released their debut album called Waves in 2013 to fantastic reviews. This is good folks. If you need some heavy music to dissect look no further.

Mike played bass at the 1st IamNateAllen show (iana eventually become the Pac-Away Dots) and was super rad to hang out with while make the album. Please check out his band.

For more information visit: therestitution.com/

The Restitution are contributing a song to Nate Allen’s Kickstarter Mixtape.

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