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Doby Watson

Doby Watson

Doby Watson knows where he fits best. He enjoys playing quiet rooms that welcome his sad, sparse songs. To really take in Doby’s music (perfect for fans of Leonard Cohen or Jason Molina) you need some space to digest his confessions. Doby, who first performed as “Boo Hiss”, has been touring the Midwest for several years gently perfecting his craft.

He has started to find quiet audiences in bigger quiet rooms. Here is a Day Trotter session he recorded earlier this year. His new album Live-In Son will be out Oct. 17th on Double Shift and Error Records. The album is currently streaming over at Buzzmedia.

If you like music aimed more at connecting and communicating than winding you up and making you dance, I recommend you give Doby Watson a listen. He is one of the Midwest’s best kept secrets.

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To learn more visit: dobywatson.bandcamp.com

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