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Garret Potter

Garret Potter

Garret Potter is a spoken word artist and performance poet. His gentle softness and ability to articulate emotion make him compelling and easy to listen to. He is a man who cares and feels deeply for people and the planet. He longs to make a difference in this world and love people well.

When I was finishing school and working on my Destroy Nate Allen songbook, Garret was in the same library, working on his first book HIDE AND SEEK: A Poet’s Memoir. Not only did he teach me how to play speed scrabble, but I learned a lot from seeing Garret’s writing process. Not so long ago, Garret moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan from Portland, Oregon and helped resurrect Ann Arbor’s poetry slam team, which recently went to Nationals.

I have rarely met a more genuine person that Garrett Potter and I am honored to call him a friend.

Garret Potter’s poem “Spray Bottle” will be featured on Nate Allen’s Kickstarter Mixtape. This playlist includes over 30 artists and is included with any pledge amount. Order by 10:59pm CST on Wednesday Nov 5.

For more information visit: garretpotter.com

Experience “Reconciling My Apartment Complex Below” below.