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Seth Martin

A few years ago,  Seth Martin burst into my awareness. He must have been a few weeks ahead of us on tour because everywhere I went people asked me, “Do you know Seth Martin!” They would say things like “He’s from Portland.” “He plays sing-a-long folk.” “He’s an Christian.” “He’s an activist.” “You must know Seth Martin!” But I didn’t. I had never heard of the man.

So I made a decision.

Seth Martin does not exist.

Seth Martin is a mythological creature.

This served me well for a while and then I met THE Seth Martin.

It turns out his compassionate hippie charm is only the beginning. Seth has a fire inside. He burns to fight injustice and loves people. I’m pretty sure Seth has never met a stranger and has more energy than most people I’ve met. He loves to talk and loves to sing – ESPECIALLY with others! If you’re looking for a communal musical experience I would highly recommend you check out Seth Martin and his band The Menders.

Seth Martin will be contributing his song Goodbye, Goodbye to the kickstarter mixtape.

For more information visit: sethmartinandthemenders.bandcamp.com

Listen to Seth’s latest album Halfway Home below.

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Joshua Stephens

Joshua Stephens

If you like catchy, sing-a-long indie folk, Joshua Stephens might be your new favorite. “We Can Be Friends” from his upcoming I’m Not Cute Like Jennifer Lawrence EP got stuck in my head after one listen. It’s easily his best work yet.

A West Coast native who currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio, Joshua Stephens was one of the first people to engage with my early Destroy Nate Allen tunes and seems to take great pleasure in requesting versions of old songs that I have forgotten how to play.

Joshua is contributing “We Can Be Friends” to our upcoming Kickstarter Mixtape. Click here to order the mixtape.

For more info visit: JoshuaStephens.net

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