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Sammy Warm Hands

Sammy Warm Hands

Sammy Warm Hands is a highly engaging, punk influenced rapper based in Eugene, Oregon.  At times his hip-hop band The ILLusionists reminds me of the Beastie Boys.  I met Sam on the day my first band (Miles Mouth Guard) released our only CD. At the time, he was playing punk rock in EPD (Eugene Punk Department) and was about 14 years old. A lot has changed since then. He grew up and became a sound engineer. Sam even produced the Destroy Nate Allen album Perfect Recipe For A Smile at his studio, Take 92. Eventually his music shifted from punk to hip-hop, retaining some of his rock roots. His lyrics range from crass to thoughtful, serious to playful.

I always liked his punk rocking but the moment I saw The ILLusionists I knew Sam had found his creative calling. A true collaborator, Sammy Warm Hands is also quite prolific. Each release has built on the last as he fine tunes his trade. One of my favorite tracks of his is “Crisis of Conscience”. It’s video (featured below) uses graphic words and images to drive home an important point.

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Please check out many of Sammy Warm Hands’ projects at: take92.com.

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