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“Take Out The Trash is an eargasm of blues, folk and punk, with soul-wrenching lyrics that remind us of the days when the meaning behind the music actually mattered” – Huffington Post

“Reminds me of when I first started to break away from listening to top 40’s music in 1984 when some one gave me a burned cassette of the first Violent Femmes album. It’s got some good punk edges but smart in the way Jonathan Richman is with an original driving sound.” – Tim Hovercraft Records

Some useful words about the album.

Take Out The Trash features immediately accessible rock n’ roll tunes infused with blues, folk and punk. These 10 vulnerable and explosive songs will have you humming all day long.

A bit of the story: in 2013 Nate Allen found himself fresh off a long tour, unemployed, in his early 30’s, married and living in his parent’s spare bedroom. Everyone’s dream.

His plan was to take a sabbatical from touring, get an after college job and let life reassemble. Instead, wrestling with how blind he had been to the racism all around him, he accidentally wrote and recorded an album documenting his process in that tenuous season of life.

What started as an acoustic solo project turned into a full band recording channeling the sounds of the Social Distortion, Old 97’s, Johnny Cash, Pedro The Lion, The Pine Hill Haints, Against Me!, Violent Femmes, Larry and His Flask, and Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, to name a few.

The Mixtape 

We’ve put together a diverse “mixtape”, a peek at the many varied friends that we have made across the country. All pre-orders come with download of this mixtape via email. The independent artists on this playlist represent different genres and ideals, but the one thing that they all have in common is that they are friends of Nate and Tessa Allen. We blogged about each mixtape artist and every reward package will include a download of this playlist. Click on an artist name below to find out more.

Who is on the mixtape?

Angus McKinneyAutryThe Bloodtypes, Bryan McPherson, Dead Ven, Dead Words, Desiring Dead Flesh, Divided Heaven, Doby Watson, Dollar Signs, Drybnz (featuring Jeff Suffering of 90 Lb. Wuss & Joe Mendonca), Garret Potter, Gnarboots, Googolplexia, Greg McKillop (ex-Speaker for the Dead), The HollandsInsomniac Folklore, Jim Strange and The Proud and The Damned,  Joseph Camuglia, Joshua Stephens, Kat Jones, Kevin Schlereth, Lauryn Peacock, Levi The Poet, Nathan Leigh, No More Train Ghosts, The Maiden Name, McDougall, Sammy Warm Hands, Self Proclaimed Narcissist, The Pac-Away Dots (exclusive song), The Restitution, The Violent Psalms, Von Strantz, Where Division Ends.




Autry plays celebratory, acoustic, punky rock n’ roll out of Portland, OR. She makes a great mix of goofy faces and funny voices. In short, her bright colors are the sugar that help make her honest and witty lyrics just that much more accessible. Musically she bounces somewhere near the Violent Femmes or The Go-Go’s, with a modern twist. She also does a killer Johnny Cash cover.

Autry makes handmade vinyl fanny-packs that you can pick up at one of her shows. We own a sparkly blue and yellow one.

Autry will be contributing a song to Nate Allen’s Kickstarter Mixtape.

For more information visit: autrysmusic.com

Watch the fantastic “Bug” music video below:

FFO: Leslie and The Lys

Violent Psalms

Violent Psalms

If you want emotional music played by burly, bearded men then you have come to the right place. Violent Psalms play West Coast indie rock perfect for fans of Pedro the Lion or Sebadoh.  They have described their debut full length, Slow to Speak, as exploring “the reality of growing up in a shitty small town, suffering abuse and escaping within an inch of life.”

Sometimes I think Ezekiel Rudick (primary instigator, guitarist and vocalist for Violent Psalms) and I speak in code, mostly due to a shared set of cultural references. We both were musically formed within the shadow of the 90’s Tooth and Nail world and the Northwest music scene of the early 2000’s. At times this makes for a conflicted and confusing mess of creativity and spirituality, but there is a certain comfort when we drop a reference to a little known but awesomely obscure band.  I asked him to play some drums for me on Destroy Nate Allen’s Eureka Recordings and we ended up with this sweet song that reeks of the Violent Femmes.

On Oct. 18th Violent Psalms will be embarking on their first West Coast tour. You would best be served to check them out if you dig the songs you hear below.

Violent Psalms will be contributing “Suburbs” to the Nate Allen Kickstarter Mixtape.

For more information visit: violentpsalms.com

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