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Nathan Leigh

Nathan Leigh

Theatrical, political, vulnerable, enjoyable, sing-a-long-able.

Armed with an acoustic guitar, kind smile and a quick wit, Nathan Leigh is all these and more. He has a great story of walking arm-in-arm with Arlo Gutherie once and that seems fitting. Nathan Leigh’s highly enjoyable acoustic folk rock fits equally well at protests and coffee shops.

I met Nathan when we were double-booked to play the same show in Jacksonville, Florida. Apparently the promoter got our emails confused and thought were both the same “Nate” and confirmed us both. It was the kind of comical night friendships are forged in.

Nathan Leigh will be contributing his song “Never Be Normal” to Nate Allen’s Kickstarter Mixtape. This playlist includes over 30 artists and is included with any pledge amount. Order by 10:59pm CST on Wednesday Nov 5.

Watch the official video for “Never Be Normal” below. For more information visit: nathanleigh.net