The Bloodtypes

The Bloodtypes make electronic, pogo dance punk and it’s hard not to sing and clap-a-long when they bust out the blood splatter, fog machines and super catchy tunes. Too punk to be goth/industrial but still leaning that way, the Bloodtypes (ex-members of the Epoxies and many other amazing bands) play well informed, 80’s new wave inspired rock n’ roll.

A few years ago I encountered a string of bands that reinvigorated my love for punk (The Briefs, The Red Dons, The Clorox Girls, ect.) and The Bloodtypes are right on point in this way. If the rock n’ roll in your life is missing it’s fun it’s time you got a transfusion.

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The Bloodtypes song “Alien Eyes” will be available on Nate Allen’s Kickstarter Mixtape.

The Bloodtypes  “They Live” – Official Music Video:

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